Fleet Management System
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Online mobile tracking

Playback history of track

On-premise server available

Adjustable parameters

Advance ODO Meter tracking

Sync ODO with GPS tracker

Vehicle documentation

Alarm& Service Management,…

Fleet Managemet System (Orang)

Advanced GPS tracking System

Geofence & POI

Advance Alarm Management

Custom Map & WMS Integration


Service Management System

Dynamic forms

Select nearest driver

Customer Satisfaction

We are sincerely honor to obtain the customer satisfaction statue from the ministry

.Pioneer in fleet management

Innovative ways of fleet management system, from easy to use applications including Android, iOS and web to more complicated system like Financial reports, Shifts and so on

Orang Fleet Management System

Advanced Tracking, Management system suitable for all organizations and companies to mange their fleet at a glance.

Secure & Easy tracking

Easy to use software, Enhanced User interface and security are our priorities

Various hardware integration

Orang tracking platform provide integration with numerous type of hardwares including famous vendors like Teltonika, Concox, Meitrack,…

Yaavar Field Service Management

A dynamic field service management with a customizable form generation support, suitable for all organizations and companies which has 3 type of users, The Technician, The Operator and The customers with any kind of serivce across. Some solutions may include Asset management, Property management, Service mangement

Form Generator

Create your own comany’s forms dynamically and workflow it through out the whole system

Workflow Automation
Simpily create your own organization workflow, from the customer request through any kind of operators or management and finally to the technician and vice versa
Technicain & Customer App
With Yaavar application, customers, dispatchers, operators and managements are easily connecting together and progressivly follow up the request

Functional Procedures
Collect customers survey, signature and response after getting the job done.

Kaaryaar Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle PM Application integrated by Fleet management system, easily handle all alarms, maintenance, Issue tracking, periodic services, GPS ODO synchronization, Inspection and more

Fleet Maintenance
Effectively track and log the vehicles and fleet informations
Issue tracking
An issue might capture by driver, inspector or operators, then tracking it until the issue remove from the fleet finally, a complete log will be captured
Work Orders
Plan, Schedule, manage and keep track of all costs of fleets and their required services
ODO meter synchronization
Sync the fleet ODO meter automatically by a GPS integration, and then any kind of neccessary reminder will trigger accordingly. A manual edit is of course exist.


a tracking application

If you want to track your phone continuously, or instead of a GPS hardware want to track by android phones the OrangTag application is defenetly your choice.

Easy to use
Install the application on your phone and start it, then track it by Orang tracker Application. That’s it

Change the parameters of sending information dynamiclly. Angle, distance, timespan are some customizable parameters, and many more
On promise server availabe
If tracking of the phones is sensitive, critical or should be more security, do’nt worry. OrangTag not only will it support SSL but also on premise deployment is availabe
Mostly companies are using OrangTag to track their staffs through the mobile application, for example steady tracking marketers, guard control and …o

Client Testimonials

What our loyal customers say about us
Mr. Oboodi
Transport Manager of Fars Education Organization
We are controlling all the drivers behavour with the system easily and conveniently, Speed alarms, green driving are our major concerns
Mr. MahmoodZadeh
A manger of Omidbetoon Concrete Co
We are using road road construction and civil engineering vehicles, the most parts which are very important to us include Geofence reports, POI, Work reports. Orang is one of the pioneer in this field, we are glad to work with them and the system is very effective and fruitful.
Mr. Keshtkaran
CEO of RamAb Mineral Co
We started it by 2 vehicles and now all of our fleets are equipped with Orang System. It’s the best controlling system we ever face with
Mr. Khorami
Transport Manager of Tehran Gas Pipeline Co
We use Orang system for 2 reasons, first to remove old paper base salary calculation and instead use a systematic technology base way of justice salary, and secondly to know exactly the position, speed and telematic features of an AVL
Mr. Khalife
Support Manager of Fars Electronic Distribution Company
All the salary of drivers and payments are calculated by the Orang system, Night stop, Overtime, Over speed alarms, Fuel management, and playback history are our main functionality of system
Mr. Pejman
Transport Manager of Fars Gas Company
System automatically calculate the financial reports required for us base on dynamic parameter is given through, Beign responsive is one of the Orang’s strength

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